University of Oxford

Mary Daly

Professor of Sociology and Social Policy (Social policy)


Mary Daly is Professor of Sociology and Social Policy at the Department and a Fellow of Green Templeton College. Mary Daly’s research interests and expertise are international in scope, focused on the analysis of social policy in OECD countries, with a particular interest in family, gender, care/social care and poverty. Most of her work is comparative, in a European and international context. Her research has been supported by a wide range of funders, including the Economic and Social Research Council, the EU, Council of Europe, the ILO, UN, UN Women and UNICEF. Mary Daly researches the following social policy areas: • family policy, including parenting, policies for children and the governance of family life • gender differences and inequalities • care systems, especially in regard to meeting need, complexity and inequalities • poverty and welfare • comparative social policy development • EU social policy.

Mary Daly's public data