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Organising multiple senses in s spreadsheet for FLEx import via Standard Format Marker (SFM)

posted on 2023-08-31, 09:54 authored by Gede Primahadi Wijaya RajegGede Primahadi Wijaya Rajeg

This is my personal note (see the PDF file) on organising fields for multiple senses/glosses of a lexeme in a spreadsheet before being converted into the Standard Format Marker (SFM) (using Sheet Swiper), which is the input basis into the FieldWorks – Language Explorer (FLEx).

I put this note here for others to use and/or comment on if they find a much better solution.

In addition to the note, for the hope of reproducibility, I also put:

  1. The original spreadsheet (format3.xls)
  2. The resulting .db file after converting the spreadsheet into SFM using Sheet Swiper (format3.db), and
  3. The backup copy of the FLEx with these mini-entries (format1-test 2023-08-31 1040)

Readers who are not yet familiar with FLEx and SFM are encouraged to read further the Technical notes on SFM database import. I am also grateful for a few posts in the FLEx Google groups under the search term "spreadsheet" that shows how to organise lexical data for SFM import in the spreadsheet (though I haven't found any discussion about managing multiple senses of a lexical entry in the spreadsheet, hence this note).

Feedback and comments are very welcome!


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