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(500389) John Isaac Greig

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posted on 2022-11-03, 13:28 authored by Victorian ProfessionsVictorian Professions
This three-year research project began in January 2014 and investigated whether, during the Victorian period, the professions formed a distinct self-sustaining social group with its own mores and values. The project looked at 16,000 individuals drawn from census data for Alnwick, Brighton, Bristol, Dundee, Greenock, Leeds, Merthyr Tydfil, Morpeth, and Winchester. The research project was funded by the UK Economic & Social Research Council and was based at the Universities of Oxford and Northumbria.


The Professions in Nineteenth-Century Britain

Economic and Social Research Council

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Full Name

John Isaac Greig





Date of Birth

30 August 1828

Place of Origin

Woolwich, London, England

Date of Death


Place of Death

New York City, New York, USA

Age at Death


Town Sample




Marriage ID



501288 (Emma Dore : wife), 501289 (Jessie Mary Greig : child), 501290 (Harry John Greig : child), 501291 (Alice Fanny Greig : child), 501292 (Agnes Lavinia Greig : child), 501293 (William James Greig : child), 501294 (Elizabeth Isabel Greig : child), 501295 (Ellen Maud [Nellie] Greig : child), 501296 (Alfred E [Frederick] Greig : child), 501297 (George Edward Greig : child), 501287 (Elizabeth Trew : mother), 501286 (John Greig : father), 501300 (Gustave [Augustus] Cartier : son-in-law), 501319 (Charles Maskiell : son-in-law), 501325 (Mulfred Evans Carmichael : son-in-law), 501329 (Andrew Stewart : son-in-law), 501324 (Margaret [Greig] : daughter-in-law), 501332 (Margaret [Greig] : daughter-in-law), 501334 (Nellie Louisa [Ellen] Thorpe : daughter-in-law), 501303 (Harry Bartholdi Cartier : grandson), 501304 (Louis Cartier : grandson), 501305 (Gustave Cartier : grandson), 501307 (Joseph Cartier : grandson), 501311 (George Greig Maskiell : grandson), 501313 (Arthur S. Maskiell : grandson), 501314 (William James [Willie J.] Maskiell : grandson), 501316 (Frederick Maskiell : grandson), 501320 (George Greig : grandson), 501321 (Harry jr Greig : grandson), 501322 (Arthur Greig : grandson), 501333 (William G. Greig : grandson), 501301 (Alice Pauline Cartier : granddaughter), 501302 (Eugenie Cartier : granddaughter), 501306 (Emma Cartier : granddaughter), 501309 (Alice Maskiell : granddaughter), 501310 (Florence Maskiell : granddaughter), 501312 (Grace E. Maskiell : granddaughter), 501315 (Sarah Maskiell : granddaughter), 501317 (Jessie [Jessamine J.] Maskiell : granddaughter), 501326 (Ellen M Carmichael : granddaughter), 501327 (Alice Lavinia Carmichael : granddaughter), 501330 (Elizabeth Stewart : granddaughter), 501331 (Edna L Stewart : granddaughter), 501308 (Edward Kane : grandson-in-law), 501318 (Harvey B. Strait : grandson-in-law), 501328 (Frank H. Butterworth : grandson-in-law), 501337 (Walter Samuel Alley : grandson-in-law), 503213 (John Isaac Greig : grandson-in-law), 503215 (John Isaac Greig : grandson-in-law), 503238 (John Isaac Greig : grandson-in-law), 501323 (Mabel [Greig] : granddaughter-in-law), 501338 (Marie [Maskiell] : granddaughter-in-law), 501339 (Josephine Johanne[?] Ostiroff : granddaughter-in-law)

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    WinchesterSCHOOLMASTERS AND TEACHERS (DEFAULT)Generation: 1500226John Isaac Greig (500389)Emma Dore (501288)Jessie Mary Greig (501289)Harry John Greig (501290)Alice Fanny Greig (501291)Agnes Lavinia Greig (501292)William James Greig (501293)Elizabeth Isabel Greig (501294)Ellen Maud [Nellie] Greig (501295)Alfred E [Frederick] Greig (501296)George Edward Greig (501297)Elizabeth Trew (501287)John Greig (501286)Gustave [Augustus] Cartier (501300)Charles Maskiell (501319)Mulfred Evans Carmichael (501325)Andrew Stewart (501329)Margaret [Greig] (501324)Margaret [Greig] (501332)Nellie Louisa [Ellen] Thorpe (501334)Harry Bartholdi Cartier (501303)Louis Cartier (501304)Gustave Cartier (501305)Joseph Cartier (501307)George Greig Maskiell (501311)Arthur S. Maskiell (501313)William James [Willie J.] Maskiell (501314)Frederick Maskiell (501316)George Greig (501320)Harry jr Greig (501321)Arthur Greig (501322)William G. Greig (501333)Alice Pauline Cartier (501301)Eugenie Cartier (501302)Emma Cartier (501306)Alice Maskiell (501309)Florence Maskiell (501310)Grace E. Maskiell (501312)Sarah Maskiell (501315)Jessie [Jessamine J.] Maskiell (501317)Ellen M Carmichael (501326)Alice Lavinia Carmichael (501327)Elizabeth Stewart (501330)Edna L Stewart (501331)Edward Kane (501308)Harvey B. Strait (501318)Frank H. Butterworth (501328)Walter Samuel Alley (501337)John Isaac Greig (503213)John Isaac Greig (503215)John Isaac Greig (503238)Mabel [Greig] (501323)Marie [Maskiell] (501338)Josephine Johanne[?] Ostiroff (501339)Business and Labour HistoryHistoryEconomic History