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(400987) Patrick Dall Ritchie

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This three-year research project began in January 2014 and investigated whether, during the Victorian period, the professions formed a distinct self-sustaining social group with its own mores and values. The project looked at 16,000 individuals drawn from census data for Alnwick, Brighton, Bristol, Dundee, Greenock, Leeds, Merthyr Tydfil, Morpeth, and Winchester. The research project was funded by the UK Economic & Social Research Council and was based at the Universities of Oxford and Northumbria.


The Professions in Nineteenth-Century Britain

Economic and Social Research Council

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Patrick Dall Ritchie




Ship Broker

Date of Birth

2 Mar 1815

Place of Origin

Dundee, Angus, Scotland

Date of Death

12 Dec 1884

Place of Death

16 Hawkhill Place, Dundee, Angus, Scotland

Age at Death


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400988 (Agnes Wylie Simpson : wife), 400989 (William Buchan Ritchie : child), 400990 ([Janet] Jessie Buchan Ritchie : child), 400991 (Barbara Dall Ritchie : child), 400992 (Jane Simpson Ritchie : child), 400993 (Elizabeth Dall Ritchie : child), 400994 (Agnes Wylie Simpson Ritchie : child), 400995 (Grace Watson Ritchie : child), 400996 (George Buchan Simpson Ritchie : child), 400997 (Charles Ross Baxter Ritchie : child), 400998 (Alexander Penrose Forbes Ritchie : child), 401000 (Margaret Simpson Ritchie : child), 401001 (William Ritchie : father), 401002 (Barbara Dall : mother), 401511 (Robert Simpson Ritchie : child), 401512 (Patrick Dall Ritchie : child), 401513 (Maria Shaw Ritchie : child), 401514 (Kenneth Ritchie : child), 401515 (Isabella Addison [Adeline] Ritchie : child), 401867 (Winifred Ritchie : child), 401527 (Robert Baxter : son-in-law), 401528 (William Keith Banner : son-in-law), 401011 (Margaret Malvina McCulla : daughter-in-law), 401015 (Jessie Dunbar : daughter-in-law), 401516 (Josephine Urania Avierino : daughter-in-law), 401518 (Annie Adamson Forsythe : daughter-in-law), 401550 (Lilian Jane Ritchie : daughter-in-law), 401013 (William Buchan Ritchie : grandson), 401014 (Ralph McCulla Ritchie : grandson), 401016 (Patrick Dunbar Ritchie : grandson), 401522 (Frederick Charles Ritchie : grandson), 401537 (Kenneth Robertson Baxter : grandson), 401552 (Kenneth Dall Ritchie : grandson), 401012 (Margaret Malvena Ritchie : granddaughter), 401517 (Maria Mary Forbes Ritchie : granddaughter), 401519 (Edith Mary Ritchie : granddaughter), 401520 (Beatrice Ritchie : granddaughter), 401539 (Grace Margaret Gay Baxter : granddaughter), 401541 (Gertrude [Alice/Agnes?] Baxter : granddaughter), 401521 (Walter Mannock Patrick Douglas Power : grandson-in-law), 401523 (Gustave Henry Busch : grandson-in-law), 401542 (John James Robertson : grandson-in-law), 401547 (Robert Crawford Brown : grandson-in-law), 401553 (Reuben William Seymour : grandson-in-law), 401538 (Dorothy Alberta Albermarle Cator : granddaughter-in-law), 401540 (Magda [Baxter] : granddaughter-in-law), 401551 (Elsie Simpson : granddaughter-in-law), 401556 (Daisy Whitter : granddaughter-in-law), 401557 (Rosamond Isobel Lyell : granddaughter-in-law), 401886 (Patrick Dall Ritchie : granddaughter-in-law)

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    DundeeShip BrokerGeneration: 1400283Patrick Dall Ritchie (400987)Agnes Wylie Simpson (400988)William Buchan Ritchie (400989)[Janet] Jessie Buchan Ritchie (400990)Barbara Dall Ritchie (400991)Jane Simpson Ritchie (400992)Elizabeth Dall Ritchie (400993)Agnes Wylie Simpson Ritchie (400994)Grace Watson Ritchie (400995)George Buchan Simpson Ritchie (400996)Charles Ross Baxter Ritchie (400997)Alexander Penrose Forbes Ritchie (400998)Margaret Simpson Ritchie (401000)William Ritchie (401001)Barbara Dall (401002)Robert Simpson Ritchie (401511)Patrick Dall Ritchie (401512)Maria Shaw Ritchie (401513)Kenneth Ritchie (401514)Isabella Addison [Adeline] Ritchie (401515)Winifred Ritchie (401867)Robert Baxter (401527)William Keith Banner (401528)Margaret Malvina McCulla (401011)Jessie Dunbar (401015)Josephine Urania Avierino (401516)Annie Adamson Forsythe (401518)Lilian Jane Ritchie (401550)William Buchan Ritchie (401013)Ralph McCulla Ritchie (401014)Patrick Dunbar Ritchie (401016)Frederick Charles Ritchie (401522)Kenneth Robertson Baxter (401537)Kenneth Dall Ritchie (401552)Margaret Malvena Ritchie (401012)Maria Mary Forbes Ritchie (401517)Edith Mary Ritchie (401519)Beatrice Ritchie (401520)Grace Margaret Gay Baxter (401539)Gertrude [Alice/Agnes?] Baxter (401541)Walter Mannock Patrick Douglas Power (401521)Gustave Henry Busch (401523)John James Robertson (401542)Robert Crawford Brown (401547)Reuben William Seymour (401553)Dorothy Alberta Albermarle Cator (401538)Magda [Baxter] (401540)Elsie Simpson (401551)Daisy Whitter (401556)Rosamond Isobel Lyell (401557)Patrick Dall Ritchie (401886)Business and Labour HistoryHistoryEconomic History



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