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(200143) Robert Cooper Lee Bevan

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posted on 2022-10-28, 09:33 authored by Victorian ProfessionsVictorian Professions
This three-year research project began in January 2014 and investigated whether, during the Victorian period, the professions formed a distinct self-sustaining social group with its own mores and values. The project looked at 16,000 individuals drawn from census data for Alnwick, Brighton, Bristol, Dundee, Greenock, Leeds, Merthyr Tydfil, Morpeth, and Winchester. The research project was funded by the UK Economic & Social Research Council and was based at the Universities of Oxford and Northumbria.


The Professions in Nineteenth-Century Britain

Economic and Social Research Council

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Full Name

Robert Cooper Lee Bevan





Date of Birth


Place of Origin

Walthamstow, Essex, England

Date of Death

22 Jul 1890

Place of Death

Lombard Street, City of London, London, England

Age at Death


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200144 (Agneta Elisabeth Yorke : wife), 200150 (Sydney Bevan : child), 200149 (Lucy Agneta Bevan : child), 200145 (Alice Lee Bevan : child), 200148 (Edith Agneta Bevan : child), 200147 (Roland Yorke Bevan : child), 200146 (Wilfred Arthur Bevan : child), 200161 (David Bevan : father), 200162 (Favell Bourke Lee : mother), 200152 (Emma Frances Shuttleworth : wife), 200155 (Millicent Ada Bevan : child), 200156 (Gladys Mary Bevan : child), 200157 (Gwendolen Bevan : child), 200159 (Enid Bertha Bevan : child), 200160 (Nesta Helen Bevan : child), 200153 (Anthony Ashley Bevan : child), 200154 (Hubert Lee Bevan : child), 200158 (Edwyn Robert Bevan : child), 200182 (Ada Frances Bevan : child), 200151 (Francis Augustus Bevan : child), 201094 (David Barclay Bevan : sibling), 200168 (William Butler Gosset : son-in-law), 200188 (William Middleton Campbell : son-in-law), 200207 (Reginald Charles Hart Dyke : son-in-law), 200212 (Ion Grant Neville Keith-Falconer : son-in-law), 200215 (Frederick Ewart Bradshaw : son-in-law), 200224 (Harry Filmer Sulivan : son-in-law), 200229 (Arthur Templer Webster : son-in-law), 200176 (Mary Elizabeth Green : daughter-in-law), 200181 (Agneta Olivia Kinnaird : daughter-in-law), 200196 (Elizabeth Marianne Fox Russell : daughter-in-law), 200197 (Constance Hogg : daughter-in-law), 200198 (Maria Trotter : daughter-in-law), 200206 (Isabella Wieniawska : daughter-in-law), 200220 (Mary Waldegrave : daughter-in-law), 200167 (Allen Butler Gosset : grandson), 200173 (Cosmo Bevan : grandson), 200174 (Bertrand Yorke Bevan : grandson), 200191 (Colin Algernon Campbell : grandson), 200193 (Ronald George Campbell : grandson), 200194 (Evan Roland Campbell : grandson), 200210 (Ashley Francis Hart Dyke : grandson), 202078 (Robert Butler Gosset : grandson), 202081 (Cluade Butler Gosset : grandson), 202135 (Norman Robert Campbell : grandson), 202166 (Raymond Francis Bevan : grandson), 202167 (Gerard Lee Bevan : grandson), 202168 (Owen Charles Bevan : grandson), 202202 (Ivor Bevan : grandson), 202210 (Leonard Francis Bevan : grandson), 200175 (Muriel Edmee Bevan : granddaughter), 200184 (Winifred Agneta Yorke Bevan : granddaughter), 200223 (Christina Elizabeth Francis Bevan : granddaughter), 200233 (Nesta Marjorie Webster : granddaughter), 202079 (Edith Butler Gosset : granddaughter), 202080 (Agneta Butler Gosset : granddaughter), 202099 (Agneta Elizabeth Bevan : granddaughter), 202102 (Amy Geraldine Bevan : granddaughter), 202104 (Lena Mary Bevan : granddaughter), 202105 (Maud Lucy Bevan : granddaughter), 202106 (Violet May Bevan : granddaughter), 202124 (Olivia Mary Yorke Bevan : granddaughter), 202134 (Agneta Elspeth Campbell : granddaughter), 202211 (Evelyn Agneta Bevan : granddaughter), 202212 (Audrey Nona Bevan : granddaughter), 202213 (Gytha Constance Bevan : granddaughter), 202228 (Dorothy Millicent Bevan : granddaughter), 202244 (Mary Aline Bradshaw : granddaughter), 202245 (Cicely Gladys Bradshaw : granddaughter), 202261 (Violet Aileen Sulivan : granddaughter), 202262 (Rose Ada Sulivan : granddaughter), 202270 (Rosalind Mary Webster : granddaughter), 200192 (Alfred Ernest Tritton : grandson-in-law), 202092 (Giuseppe Marcells Gaetans Forte : grandson-in-law), 202117 (Lionel Norman : grandson-in-law), 202125 (William Sidney : grandson-in-law), 202128 (Lancelot St George Prittie Rathborne : grandson-in-law), 202214 (Philip Ridsdale Warren : grandson-in-law), 202219 (Richard Narrien Gamble : grandson-in-law), 202222 (Lionel Offey Micklem : grandson-in-law), 202229 (Caryl Henry Courthope-Munroe : grandson-in-law), 202235 (Noel Gervase Bligh : grandson-in-law), 202246 (Clarence Edward Victor Buxton : grandson-in-law), 202252 (Cecil James Juxon Talbot Barton : grandson-in-law), 202263 (Henry Coles Henley : grandson-in-law), 202267 (Montagu Dudding : grandson-in-law), 202271 (Robert Frederick Strickland-Constable : grandson-in-law), 202082 (Olive Elizabeth Wilson : granddaughter-in-law), 202089 (Dora Therese [Gosset] : granddaughter-in-law), 202094 (Esmee Daisy Forbes : granddaughter-in-law), 202136 (Mary Charlotte Gladys Barrington : granddaughter-in-law), 202143 (Ivy Maud Meredith : granddaughter-in-law), 202146 (Mary Grace Hallam Lennard : granddaughter-in-law), 202157 (Antoinette Priscilla Vulliamy Devonshire : granddaughter-in-law), 202169 (Marion Leila Sulivan : granddaughter-in-law), 202174 (Georgiana Laura Frederica Malcolmson : granddaughter-in-law), 202182 (Margaret Alda Meyer : granddaughter-in-law), 202188 (Sophie Kenrick : granddaughter-in-law), 202194 (Maria Pertuisot : granddaughter-in-law), 202195 (Mary Frances Merelina Bosanquet : granddaughter-in-law), 202203 (Ethel Jean Coote : granddaughter-in-law), 202242 (Marie Voldengen : granddaughter-in-law)

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    BrightonBANKERSGeneration: 1200052Robert Cooper Lee Bevan (200143)Agneta Elisabeth Yorke (200144)Sydney Bevan (200150)Lucy Agneta Bevan (200149)Alice Lee Bevan (200145)Edith Agneta Bevan (200148)Roland Yorke Bevan (200147)Wilfred Arthur Bevan (200146)David Bevan (200161)Favell Bourke Lee (200162)Emma Frances Shuttleworth (200152)Millicent Ada Bevan (200155)Gladys Mary Bevan (200156)Gwendolen Bevan (200157)Enid Bertha Bevan (200159)Nesta Helen Bevan (200160)Anthony Ashley Bevan (200153)Hubert Lee Bevan (200154)Edwyn Robert Bevan (200158)Ada Frances Bevan (200182)Francis Augustus Bevan (200151)David Barclay Bevan (201094)William Butler Gosset (200168)William Middleton Campbell (200188)Reginald Charles Hart Dyke (200207)Ion Grant Neville Keith-Falconer (200212)Frederick Ewart Bradshaw (200215)Harry Filmer Sulivan (200224)Arthur Templer Webster (200229)Mary Elizabeth Green (200176)Agneta Olivia Kinnaird (200181)Elizabeth Marianne Fox Russell (200196)Constance Hogg (200197)Maria Trotter (200198)Isabella Wieniawska (200206)Mary Waldegrave (200220)Allen Butler Gosset (200167)Cosmo Bevan (200173)Bertrand Yorke Bevan (200174)Colin Algernon Campbell (200191)Ronald George Campbell (200193)Evan Roland Campbell (200194)Ashley Francis Hart Dyke (200210)Robert Butler Gosset (202078)Cluade Butler Gosset (202081)Norman Robert Campbell (202135)Raymond Francis Bevan (202166)Gerard Lee Bevan (202167)Owen Charles Bevan (202168)Ivor Bevan (202202)Leonard Francis Bevan (202210)Muriel Edmee Bevan (200175)Winifred Agneta Yorke Bevan (200184)Christina Elizabeth Francis Bevan (200223)Nesta Marjorie Webster (200233)Edith Butler Gosset (202079)Agneta Butler Gosset (202080)Agneta Elizabeth Bevan (202099)Amy Geraldine Bevan (202102)Lena Mary Bevan (202104)Maud Lucy Bevan (202105)Violet May Bevan (202106)Olivia Mary Yorke Bevan (202124)Agneta Elspeth Campbell (202134)Evelyn Agneta Bevan (202211)Audrey Nona Bevan (202212)Gytha Constance Bevan (202213)Dorothy Millicent Bevan (202228)Mary Aline Bradshaw (202244)Cicely Gladys Bradshaw (202245)Violet Aileen Sulivan (202261)Rose Ada Sulivan (202262)Rosalind Mary Webster (202270)Alfred Ernest Tritton (200192)Giuseppe Marcells Gaetans Forte (202092)Lionel Norman (202117)William Sidney (202125)Lancelot St George Prittie Rathborne (202128)Philip Ridsdale Warren (202214)Richard Narrien Gamble (202219)Lionel Offey Micklem (202222)Caryl Henry Courthope-Munroe (202229)Noel Gervase Bligh (202235)Clarence Edward Victor Buxton (202246)Cecil James Juxon Talbot Barton (202252)Henry Coles Henley (202263)Montagu Dudding (202267)Robert Frederick Strickland-Constable (202271)Olive Elizabeth Wilson (202082)Dora Therese [Gosset] (202089)Esmee Daisy Forbes (202094)Mary Charlotte Gladys Barrington (202136)Ivy Maud Meredith (202143)Mary Grace Hallam Lennard (202146)Antoinette Priscilla Vulliamy Devonshire (202157)Marion Leila Sulivan (202169)Georgiana Laura Frederica Malcolmson (202174)Margaret Alda Meyer (202182)Sophie Kenrick (202188)Maria Pertuisot (202194)Mary Frances Merelina Bosanquet (202195)Ethel Jean Coote (202203)Marie Voldengen (202242)Business and Labour HistoryHistoryEconomic History



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