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Work as an Electrical Engineer in Liverpool

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I was 4 when the war started. My mum made us a blanket to keep us warm in the shelter. Liverpool was bombed a lot because of the shipping. They were shooting at the airplanes from the shelter. My sister was born in 1938, so my mother was not required to work. Most of my neighbours' wives had to work in the munitions factories. They were called Royal Ordnance Factories.

My father was in the reserved occupations as he was an electrical engineer for mains for Liverpool Electric Company. Most nights, he was out in the city to isolate buildings so firemen and rescuers could enter. Most of the bombs were incendiary bombs, so lots of Liverpool got burnt. Many nights he did not return to the shelter. He stayed out to repair junctions and get power into the factories. Many people thought my mother was lucky to have her husband home, but often she never expected him to come back in the morning.


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