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William Kibby RAF Police Officer Stationed in Nassau

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posted on 2024-06-05, 19:51 authored by Their Finest Hour Project Team

William Kibby joined the RAF police in 1938 was called up in 1939 and went to Wales for training prior to his posting in the Bahamas. Kept a detailed scrapbook of his journeys and was narrowly missed by falling shrapnel during his time in London.


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1. Union flag. 2. Letter from Cuba to Mrs. Kibby. 3. Telegram to Mrs. Kibby 5 May 1944. 4. Shrapnel rained down on William Kibby in London. 5. Description of shrapnel. 6. Parachute webbing. 7. Photograph of William Kibby in Uniform. 8. Royal Air Force motif. 9. First 3 pages of dedication by the Duke of Windsor. 10. Acknowledgement of service. 11. Photograph of Duke of Windsor laying cornerstone May 1944. 12. Dairy was started by William Kibby en route to the Bahamas. 13. Envelope of letter to Mrs. Kibby. 14. Rear of the envelope sent to Mrs. Kibby. 15. Letter to Mrs. Kibby. 16. Summary of letter to Mrs. Kibby from the end of the war. 17. Photograph of 2 good friends of William Kibby. 18. Names of 2 friends of William Kibby on the rear of the photograph. 19. Hand-drawn map of the area surrounding Nassau, Bahamas. 20. Hand-drawn map of New Providence Island, Bahamas. 21. 27 July 1944 telegram advising of return to the United Kingdom.

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William Kibby #1164778

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Trudy Birkmyre

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William was Trudy's father

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Shared at Ahmadiyyah Mosque Hall, Warwickshire on 7 October 2023. The event was organised by Leamington History Group.

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