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William John Coulter's service in the Irish Guards in Normandy

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posted on 2024-06-05, 17:00 authored by Their Finest Hour Project Team

William John Coulter served in the Irish Guards regiment.

Served in Norway with 1st Irish Guards battalion - later served in North Africa, Italy (Anzio) and later with 3rd Irish Guards in Northwest Europe.

Lost his job as butcher - decided to join the Irish Guards and went to Norway. On his 19th birthday, a shell dropped beside him and his friend/comrade was killed.

Irish Guards - St. Patrick's Day - going to the chapel, soldier beside him asked, "what do you want to do, Billy?" - "If they're prepared to die beside me, I'm prepared to fight beside them."

Nearly drowned (during landings - Anzio) due to the weight of they packs they wore - wouldn't talk much about it.

Making a retreat and trying to hold off the Germans - friend was taken as a prisoner of war. Remembered taking things off the Germans - this was supposed to stop the Germans selling possessions for food - let them do it and took the food.

Mentioned in dispatches for Bravery.

Remembers going through a village in France/Belgium - tanks were behind them. He shot through a door on impulse, called up by a tank commander - tank commander told him that he shot down a man (enemy) that was about to shoot tanks (with anti-tank weapon).

One of his friends was in a Japanese POW Camp during war.

After war, he joined the police - Queen's Guard. Used to take part in 'choir practice' on Saturdays to get out of guard duty.


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