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William Awcock, RAF

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posted on 2024-06-05, 19:54 authored by Their Finest Hour Project Team

My father, William Awcock, was in the war he was in the RAF. At home when I was a child he never spoke about the war.

He got married just before the war. Information about him on Chapter 6. He was an ordinary corporal, electronically minded working with early radio. But he suddenly got removed from his base, secretly he was not told where he was going and he ended up on a ship going to the Bahamas (Nassau). We know from looking up archives that he was out there to deal with training up pilots on the very big bombers for the duration of the war.

He wrote virtually every week to England, his letters were heavily censored.

(On the front cover of the book by Josephine Subedar are children who are her parents playing on Ashdown Forest).

The second thing which we have is a newspaper from during the war (June 17th 1944). It was probably a draw lining. I am not sure why the family kept in it.


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1. Photograph of the book showing William Awcock's wedding day 2. Newspaper dated 17th June 1944

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William Awcock

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Josephine Joy Subedar

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