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Willersley Castle, Cromford, Derbyshire

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posted on 2024-06-05, 18:14 authored by Their Finest Hour Project Team

I Doreen Mary Farrell (nee Tulley) was born in Willersley Castle in April 1942.

The reason why I was born there was because the hospital in City Road, London, where my sister was born in 1940, had been bombed. So my mum was transferred to the Salvation Army Mothers Home in Upper Clapton.

As there were too many babies due at the end of August 1941 they took over Willersley Castle in Derbyshire. My mother-in-law had her first child there John Farrell in September 1941, so when she found out she was pregnant again she did not go for any medical help as she hated it up there, so my husband Edward David Farrell was born in November 1942 in his grandmothers flat amongst the bombs in London. Also my Girl Guide captain had a son, Lesley Loomes, who was also born in the Castle. There were many children from my year at school who were born there.

I took my mum back there in the early 1990s and we were allowed to walk around the grounds (she even pointed out the room I was born in). The gentleman in reception was kind enough to make us a cup of tea.

Mothers from all parts of London had their children there.


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