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The wartime service of our three grandfathers

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posted on 2024-06-05, 19:35 authored by Their Finest Hour Project Team

Paternal grandfather of Anne Barnes: Charles George Hibbitt

Born in Dundalk, Ireland - but lived in Tavistock. Served in the local Home Guard in Devon. Served in telecommunications [in 21st Devon (Post Office) Battalion]. Story has been written up.

Maternal grandfather of Anne Barnes: William Hellyer

Photographs of maternal grandfather, William 'Bill' Hellyer
Letter to his (Bill's) mother - writing home to his mother

He didn't have an 'exciting' war - he wasn't in Burma but qualified for the 'Burma Star'. Hadn't seen/met his newborn daughter until he returned home from Far East - when he arrived home, milkman kept him talking for ages before he got the opportunity to greet his wife and children, and meet his new daughter.

Maternal grandfather of Harvey Barnes: Group Captain C.W. Ellen, D.F.C.

He started off in the Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS) - transferred to RAF. He was a pilot and started off as an Observer.

Sent to RAF Cranwell for training - photographed at parade in front of Cranwell on 8th September 1942. He was given a letter certifying the satisfactory completion of his training from commanding officer.

Was posted to Berlin at the end of the war. Dealt directly with Russian, American and French officers on how to put Germany back together again (post-war reconstruction of Germany).


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1. Anne's paternal grandfather 2. Anne's maternal grandfather 3. Harvey's maternal grandfather

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Charles George Hibbitt (paternal grandfather of Anne Barnes) William Hellyer (maternal grandfather of Anne Barnes) Group Captain C.W. Ellen, D.F.C. (maternal grandfather of Harvey Barnes)

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Anne Barnes

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Paternal and maternal grandfathers (x3) of Harvey & Anne Barnes

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Shared at University of Plymouth, Plymouth on 15 November 2023.

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