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The British Army in India during WW2

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posted on 2024-06-05, 20:13 authored by Their Finest Hour Project Team

The contributor explained that the 'Scrapbook' (item 2) was sent by Wilfred Creek (the contributor's father) to his son Graham (their brother), who was born in 1941, during the war. The drawings, poems and notes were all Wilfred's own. The contributor's mother turned the drawings into the scrapbook presented.

Wilfred Creek, born in 1910, was a radio auctioneer, which the contributor recalled was a family business. Speaking to Wilfred's love of music, the contributor stated "Dad was a radio" and that "he was in tune" always. Wilfred completed his army training around the Cotswolds and in Blackpool. The contributor recalled that he would not talk about the war. Wilfred was stationed in Burma and in India. The 'Photo album' (item 1) included newspaper cuttings about the Bengal famine from The Statesman Newspaper, as well as drawings. The contributor was not sure why her father collected the cuttings and relayed that not all photographs in the album were of Wilfred.

Wilfred Creek was very interested in taking part in social events - concerts, dress-up parties etc. Additionally, he fell ill in Burma from a vaccine.

Then, the contributor recalled the meeting of her mother and father-in-law during the war. Thelma Wench, her mother-in-law, was originally from Birmingham and drove tractors and lorries. After the war, Thelma lived in a double-decker bus in a field because housing was so limited. Thelma and Leslie Salisbury, the contributor's father-in-law, met while working on land during the war. Leslie came from a Christadelphian family, who were deeply religious. During the war, her father-in-law assisted the Home Front by working on farms and milking cows. They married in 1944 and had their son, her husband, in 1948.


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1. Photo album, containing images from Wilfred's posting in India and other locations. 2. Scrapbook, containing Wilfred's drawings and contemporary commercial advertisements

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Wilfred Creek

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He was the contributor's father. She was born in 1947.

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Shared at Oxford Westgate Library, Oxfordshire on 10 March 2023.

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