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Tales of Survival from Tobruk to Crete

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posted on 2024-06-05, 18:23 authored by Their Finest Hour Project Team

Edward was in the engineering corps, during the seize of Tobruk, Libya.
He went over a German landmine, which detonated and threw him through the roof of his truck, breaking his arms and legs.
He ended up in a ditch, next to the wreck of his truck, where he stayed for 48 hours until a passing medic notice the scene.
He was saved and sent to Alexandria army hospital. He was then sent back to Liverpool to recover before returning to Wales in 1944.

Joe Bevan is the contributor's great uncle.
He was an Allied parachutist when he was nearly captured by the Germans in Crete.
He had to hide whilst Germans were doing house to house searches.
He was saved by the Cretan resistance.
A young girl provided him with cover and helped him escape by pretending to be his daughter. She was called Annes, which is what the contributor's mother was later named after.


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Edward Carrol and Joe Bevan

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