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Stephen Baker's Egyptian Photograph Album

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Dad joined the Territorial Army in 1926. He looked after the anti-aircraft guns at Portbury, and later moved to Purdown. The guns there were nicknamed 'Purdown Percy'. There were four guns which were fired together, but many Bristolians thought there was just one gun. Dad died in 1989, having survived the war.

Our elder sister has father's diaries, written from when he was stationed in the Middle East. These were originally written on scraps of paper and transcribed by father at a later date. His recollections were collated by the family, and each person in the family has their own copy. They contain lots of interesting anecdotes.

Father took photos during the war. We believe he bought the album in Alexandria, Egypt. Within the album, there is a panoramic view of either Holland or Germany, firing on the Germans, and suddenly they got the message that WWII had ended. Photos were taken on the day the war ended.


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1. Photo Album 2. Transcript of diary - front page

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Stephen Henry Baker

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