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Six copper-alloy coin weights

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posted on 2021-10-27, 17:51 authored by Helena HamerowHelena Hamerow
Faussett 1856, xliii:'Exclusive of the two sets in the Faussett collection and in that of Mr. Rolfe, I have referred, in the said note, to six other weights, which I detected among Mr. Faussett's coins after their dispersion by auction. From their appearance, there can be little doubt of their having been procured from Saxon tumuli: probably they were given to Mr. Faussett; or they may have been bought by him of country people under circumstances which did not induce him to pay particular attention to them.'1. Large brass of Trajan, [4 marks] weighing 400 grains2. Large brass of Hadrian, [3 marks] weighing 370 grains3. Large brass of Domitian, [4 marks] weighing 345 grains4. Large brass of Maximinus, [3 marks] weighing 300 grains5. Large brass of Hadrian, [2 marks] weighing 290 grains6. Second brass of M. Aurelius, [1 mark] weighing 220 grainsMayer card: 6 copper coins used for weights and described by C.R. Smith, also one cut square & found with these but not described by Smith [in Introduction to] Inventorium Sepulchrale p. 43.These weights do not form part of Faussett's grave assemblages. Described by Roach Smith (Faussett 1856 xliii) as 'probably...given to Mr. Faussett; or they may have been bought by him....' The cut square 'found with the six' described on the gatty slip could be a further weight or a possible touchstone. – D.H.


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