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Sibertswold Downs Grave 103

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posted on 2021-11-10, 14:43 authored by Helena HamerowHelena Hamerow
Under the same tumulus, in a parallel grave three feet deep, and, almost close to, but on the right hand of, the man. The coffin had passed the fire; the bones of an old person, pretty perfect. Close to the skull was a flat-headed brass pin, one inch and three-quarters long [M 6553]. Near the neck, were thirty-nine very small beads. There was also an iron instrument, nine inches long; is eight inches long, exclusive of the ringle. Another iron instrument, very like our common Jew's harp, or Jew's trump, as it is called. I really believe it to have been used as they are. It was three inches and a half long, and about one inch diameter in the ring part of it; but it was so very rotten that it would scarce bear handling, and was entirely crumbled to pieces in bringing it home, though great care was taken. Half of one side of it, and above half of its tongue, were broken off and lost in getting it out of the ground. I look upon it as a very great curiosity, and most heartily lament (as I have continual occasion, to do, with regard to other curiosities made of iron) that it was not made of brass, or some other more durable metal. There was also the blade of a knife. A woman's grave.


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