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Sarre Grave 94

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posted on 2021-11-10, 15:41 authored by Helena HamerowHelena Hamerow
XCIV. A woman's grave. The bones are full of oil, as if lately buried. Some curious bronze objects, one of them apparently a hinge [KAS 390]; another being tubular and perforated as to support two pendants, also of bronze. A large quantity of amber beads, with a few black bugles [KAS 279], lay at the centre of the breast, and amongst these a small circular fibula [KAS 400], of bronze gilt, and set with a garnet. In this grave were also a few small pieces of gold braid [KAS 366a], like those in Nos. IV. and XC. A small belemnite [KAS 482b] artificially sharpened at one end,[1] a key, and a knife.[1]Douglas, Nenia Britannica, p. 158, mentions belemnites found in a British grave, and supposed to have been used as arrow-heads. - J.B.


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between September and December 1863


Brent 1866

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Sonia Hawkes description

Woman's grave, bones still full of oila. curious bronze objects (?hinge, ?pendant support), b. amber beads with black bugles, c. circular bronze gilt fibula, d. gold braid, e. small sharpened belemnite, f. a key, g. knife

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