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Sarre Grave 238

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posted on 2021-11-10, 15:41 authored by Helena HamerowHelena Hamerow
A spear-head vertically placed, as in the last grave, in the upper soil; an arrangement evidently designed, but for what object is not apparent. Three beads [KAS 441], a small bronze buckle, iron rivets, and a peculiar object in iron [KAS 643], about six inches and a half long; the remains of keys or spears, much corroded, a foreign shell, the Cyprea Arabica [KAS 475], some broken mussel-shells, and a very small fragment of deep violet glass [KAS 484?].All these small objects appear to have been placed in a box, and exhibited more or less the action of fire. This grave yielded also pieces of iron, like links of a cable-patterned chain, and some bronze rings. Its incongruous contents might indicate a double interment, the beads and shell being the relics of a woman, the spear-head of a man.


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between August and November 1864


Brent 1868

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Sonia Hawkes description

a. spearhead, b. 3 beads, c. small bronze buckle, d. iron object, f. remains of keys or spears (much corroded), g. foreign shell, h. small fragment of violet glass, i. mussel shells, j. small pieces of iron (some links), k. bronze rings.Possibly a double interment.[annotation] b. through i. apparently placed in box exposed to fire.

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