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Sarre Grave 17

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posted on 2021-11-10, 15:42 authored by Helena HamerowHelena Hamerow
XVII. Nine feet in length, and a double interment, probably of a woman and her child. Two beads [KAS 462]; a small iron rivet, ending in a ring with an iron loop through it, all bearing traces of the wood to which they were attached; a little bronze model of an axe [KAS 485], about one inch in length, but broken off at the handle, probably a child's toy; it is like some which have been found at Caistor, and at Felixstow Suffolk, but has no hole for suspension remaining, as those have; Mr. Lysons calls one found at Silchester a 'little votive axe;' and they may perhaps be of Roman origin, others having been found at Rennes with Roman remains. A child's toy was found in a Saxon grave at Kingston.[1][1]B. Faussett's Inventorium Sepulchrale, p. 59, note. - J.B.


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between September and December 1863


Brent 1866

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Sonia Hawkes description

Double interment - probably woman and child. Length: nine feet.a. 2 beads, b. rivet with ring and loop, c. bronze model of axe.

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