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Ronnie Reed, Spy Runner

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posted on 2024-06-05, 18:21 authored by Their Finest Hour Project Team

My father, Ronnie Reed, was in MI5 from 1942 to 1976. My book, "Spy Runner," is about his career, published by The History Press in 2020.

I filmed a 45-minute interview with him in 1994, the only time he talked about his career. The film has never been shown. He died in 1995.

During the war, my father was in charge of 'Agent Zigzag'. Zigzag claimed he had damaged a Mosquito factory in North London. Hitler was so pleased with the results that he awarded the Iron Cross to Zigzag, who then gave it to my father. My brother and I have now lent it to an exhibition at the Imperial War Museum.

After the war, Ronnie worked for MI5, tracking Russian agents (i.e., traitors) like Philby, Burgess, and Maclean.


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The Iron Cross awarded by Hitler to Eddie Chapman (alias Agent Zigzag). Although Hitler believed that Zigzag had done this, it was of course a bluff, because Eddie was a 'double-agent'.

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Major Ronnie Reed and the famous spies who were betraying our secrets like Philby etc.

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Nicholas Reed

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My father

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Shared online via the Their Finest Hour project website.

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