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Ronald Thomas Emeny, Caterpillar Club member

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posted on 2024-06-05, 16:39 authored by Their Finest Hour Project Team

Items relating to Ronald Thomas Emeny (b.1928).
- Flying jacket with bombing raids listed on the back up until Mailly le Camp. Ronald was shot down.
- Two pieces of Lancaster Aircraft shot down in May 1944. Presented to Lynne (daughter) at 70th anniversary in Chantreaux. Also given a medal (not shown here) to commemorate.
- Piece of parachute from when Ronald was shot down. Given to him by one of the resistance who helped him to escape France. Same person (Lucien Tripot) kept parachute and his bride wore it remade as a wedding dress. It is now in a museum in France, believed to be Normandy.
- Caterpillar Club brooch and certificate of membership. Commemorates being shot down. Only given to those who were shot down during war and managed to escape (parachute).
- Series of photographs including some photos of the group/crew. Photos visiting graves of the few who died. Photographs of father with the resistance.


Item list and details

1. Flying jacket of Ronald Thomas Emeny 2. Pieces of Lancaster aircraft 3. Piece of parachute from when Ronald Thomas Emeny was shot down 4. Caterpillar Club brooch 5. Ronald Thomas Emeny's photographs

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Ronald Thomas Emeny

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Lynne Gough

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He was their father

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Shared at RGS Worcester Perrins Hall, Worcestershire on 16 June 2023.

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