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Robbie Robertson's RAF Records

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John Robertson is from Newhaven, just North of Edinburgh. John's mother was a 'fire watcher' at Victoria School and was present the day that the Clyde was bombed (she watched the bombers flying up the Forth).

John's uncle, Bobby Bennet, was in the Navy. Bennet was on a motor torpedo boat that sunk in the Irish Sea, but turned up at John's mother's house wearing the clothes he had been in when the boat sank.

John's father, Robbie Robertson, joined the RAF in 1941.


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1 - Photo of John's father, Robbie Robertson, and medals, including the Burma Star 2 - Photo album from the No. 177 Squadron RAF, including photographs taken in Burma, Ceylon and India 3 - An apprentice book, from when Robbie was stationed in Blackpool for the RAF- includes notes on how to build arms, bombs etc. Also contains other paraphernalia from camp shows etc. Includes Vera Lynn's autograph, that Robbie got while she was singing off the back of a truck. 4 - A mess pamphlet from a stage show 5 - Menu from Christmas Day, 211 Squadron, 1944 and Christmas Menu 1945 in Ceylon. 6 - RAF service book, includes reference from before Robbie joined up 7 - War record details as obtained from National Archives

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