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Prisoner of War in German/Polish Border

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The contributor's mother was a German woman named Freda Sofia. Her father's name was Samuel Quigley, and he was a prisoner of war who worked in a farm in the Polish-German border. He escaped from the farm in a cart with Tony and Tom Pyper. At the end of the war, he got married in London. Terry was born in 1946. He worked in Ballykinler, the Irish Guards, the B-Specials, and then the security of Ballycastle. Samuel and Freda spoke to each other in German. One of the contributors has heard stories from grandparents about boats, possibly belonging to a Russian soldier, and about hiding in a cart. Mourne Observer ran a story in late eighties or early nineties.


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Samuel Quigley (and his wife Freda Sofia)

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Carol Sophia Quigley and Margaret Rose Quigley

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