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Norman Frederick Dellar in W. Buffs and Parachute Regiment

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Maggie King's father, Norman Frederick Dellar, originally signed up with W. Buffs, his father's regiment, on 12 August 1940, aged 18. His family were agriculture labourers in Elmstone, Kent. He later transferred on 16th December 1942 to the Parachute Regiment and he did over 100 jumps. His training was in Grantham and then he went to Tunisia for the Sicily landings. He was dropped by the plane a long way from the zone and had to walk, so he came back via Malta. His ranks included Private then Sergeant and he was medic-trained for Arnhem. After the war, he served in the Middle East and was discharged on 23rd January 1950. After his discharge, he joined the Oxfordshire Police.

He started itemising documents and Maggie wanted to continue. If there was no family interest, then they would go to a history museum. The objects included military papers, a letter home and birthday cards.


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Book of family history, among other things.

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Norman Frederick Dellar

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Maggie King

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Shared at Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum, Oxfordshire on 1 April 2023.

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