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My grandfather, Flt Lt Bernhard Green

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posted on 2024-06-05, 19:35 authored by Their Finest Hour Project Team

My grandfather, Flt Lt Bernhard Green, served in the RAF during WW2. He volunteered as a gunnery instructor during the war.

Became a POW at some point - escaped POW camp through a tunnel - travelled 49 miles before recaptured - discovered due to bad German.

First time he was captured by Danish police in turf factory - second time he escaped he was apprehended by a German private.

Died in 1971.

Also had a Scottish great-uncle, Adrian Green, born in 1919.

Served as Lieutenant in the Reconnaissance Corps. He did not take part in D-Day as his tonsils were being taken out in Scotland at the time.

Served with 22nd Polish Division as an Acting Captain. His helmet saved his life - got into a [incident] with a Volkswagen, but acted as an 'airbag'.

Married in 1948.

Has souvenirs from the Nazis - Wehrmacht - 'coin' found in a house in Germany.


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1. Postcard - Bernhard Green 2. Adrian Green - photos, personal effects, souvenirs

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Flt Lt Bernhard Green

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Adrian Laurence Green

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