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My Great Grandmother's account of her WW2 experience

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posted on 2024-06-05, 16:09 authored by Their Finest Hour Project Team

When my great grandmother, Margaret Keleher, was around 8 years old she was evacuated to Littleborough as it was safer in the countryside. She was sent here with her younger brother and older sister. They all stayed with a family for about two months. My great grandmother didn't mind this experience as she was with her siblings. The children weren't expected to do any work and said the family looking after her was nice. The children would go out playing most days as schools were closed. There was no contact with her parents. Only children were evacuated to the countryside, but her mother did visit once.

My great grandmother remembers the loud sirens. When they went off, they would make way to the school and go down into the cellar. As she was young it was scary. She could also hear the bombs. They would have to stay in the cellar until it was all clear. There were lots of people from the community taking shelter. There were food rations and no bananas. They were only allowed small portions.


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