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Memories of the War - John H.G. Parsons

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John started as a gunner (1447983) with No 6 Detachment 461 Battery and by the end of the war was promoted to Captain with life membership of the Royal Artillery.

John was previously a solicitor based in Chichester. He married in 1939 just before the outbreak of war. He realised that there was going to be a war and joined up. His wife was working for the Red Cross in the war.

John was in the searchlights section based in the South Downs. His wife used to go up about once a week to take him fish and chips.

When the Canadians came over to the UK they were based around Witley, Surry and John joined them there. Towards the end of the war John was part of Field Marshal Montgomery's outfit and he was a British Advocate. He received a card from Montgomery thanking him as part of the team.

From the South Downs, John moved to Yorkshire and was based on the moors outside Whitby.

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