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Memories of Wartime Aldershot

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posted on 2024-06-05, 19:55 authored by Their Finest Hour Project Team

Catherine Barker was a nurse at Aldershot until 1942. She was a civilian working in a military hospital.

Charlie McCarthy, born in Toronto, was in the Canadian Military Service. He came to the UK in 1939. He was based in Aldershot and met Catherine in 1941. He landed in France in July 1944.

All items, except the Red Cross message, have been collected by the family during the war.


Item list and details

1. War maps of Europe (US produced) 2. Dog tag- C.A. McCarthy (Canada) 3. Whistle- warden 4. Shrapnel- London Blitz, Kensington Gardens, 1940 6. Government publications 7. Report by the Supreme Commander to the Combined Chiefs of Staff on the operations, Europe 1946 8. Documents concerning German-Polish relations 9. Air Raid Precautions- Protection Against Gas-1937 10. Today's Children Tomorrow's Hope: The Story of Children in the Occupied Lands, 1945 11. Three Christmas cards, 1939, 1940 12. Red Cross message from Guernsey- to soldiers in Royal Engineers 13. Book"Prodigal Genius: Life of Nikola Tesla", US Armed Forces edition 14. War emergency sewing machine cotton 15. Thank you note to Catherine at Aldershot from RCAMC visitors 16. Identity card- under sixteen- Charles McCarthy, 1944

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Catherine Barker Charlie McCarthy

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Charles Edward McCarthy

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They were the contributor's parents.

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Shared at Fitzharrys School, Oxfordshire on 16 September 2023.

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