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Memories of Millbay Docks & 46 Grenville Road, Plymouth

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posted on 2024-06-05, 18:20 authored by Their Finest Hour Project Team

Mrs Trigger (nee Tolcher) was 14 when she started work in Millbay Docks and became a bookbinder for an Agricultural Supply Company. She recalled after the docks were bombed and her work building damaged she had to relocate and spent a lot of time drying out the war coupons which had been soaked through by putting out the first despite being in a safe. The ration coupons were needed by the farms.

She had a strong memory of seeing troops leaning out of the train windows whilst she waited at the rail crossing into the docks. The troops were being evacuated from France and were very upset and said that they were so sorry about being beaten back - this was a strong memory.

46 Grenville Road was damaged by large stone blocks coming through the roof after the rail bridge near Friary Engine Sheds was bombed. One large stone block drove the leg of the bed through the floor. Repairs were carried out by "bomb damage" squads. The house had a lucky escape when an incendiary bomb landed on the door step and, as a child, I can remember the burnt marks on the tiles and the dents in the door from the bomb - it was put out by sand.

I was told that the house kept its windows despite nearby explosions until an unexploded bomb was detonated in Beaumont Park. There was an Anderson shelter in the back lane during the war but often the family hid under the stairs.


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