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Memories of Bomb Defusal

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posted on 2024-06-05, 19:54 authored by Their Finest Hour Project Team

The contributor's father was born in North Hertfordshire. He had thought he would be off to the RAF, but he was colourblind. He was kept on protecting gas holders in case of bombing. He was supplied with a phone and a car. In 1970s, ITV put on a program called Danger UXB when he revealed that he was not dealing with gas but unexploded bombs. A letter dated 1937 suggests that he was being prepared for the role. He served throughout the war. He used dry ice to defuse six bombs.


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1. Photos of children's clothes and parachute 2. Photos of bomb damage 3. Letter 4. Hat from uniform 5. Photos of unit 6. Parachute material and dress

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Caroline Bullock

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Caroline Huntley Bullock

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He was the contributor's father.

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Shared at Fitzharrys School, Oxfordshire on 16 September 2023.

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