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Mementos of GNR Charles F Dickinson

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posted on 2024-06-05, 17:47 authored by Their Finest Hour Project Team

Many mementos of GNR Charles F Dickinson No 967217, the second son of 9 siblings.


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1. Handkerchief sent to his mother as a souvenir from Tunis. 2. Service book 3. Selection of photographs: Charlie with friend, Charlie 26th March 1941, 26th March, Letty 29th May 1944 x 4, Maud and Old pal Jack. Presuming last 3 are close friends as signed with love. 4. Letter from Infantry Office telling parents he'd died - states in the Central Mediterranean Theatre 6th January 1945. Letter from Commonwealth Commission printed in 2000 - Notification of memorial. Personal handwritten letter of notification of death by Rev Marcus Davies 15th January. Charlie was buried in the Military cemetery. 5. Note from officer in charge of records. Letter about personal effects. Notification of funds to be given to family £77:6:11. Includes the money he had on him at his death. 6. Pension document and income tax form: Ministry of Pensions states his parents wouldn't receive the pension. 7. Box sent home by Charlie containing objects in January 1945 8. Ribbons from uniform Labels attached with cotton 9. Letters from Letty x 2 December 4th and 11th 10. Letter from Dora - Miss D Parks 11. Letter from Fred, Charlie's brother who was at sea when he wrote. 12. Selection of Postcards x 9 in original envelope Objects below are from Charlie's box: (Yellow-elastic hosiery) 13. Newspaper cutting, referring to his death. 14. Letter sent out 1956 from Imperial War Graves Commission - advising them about a book of photographs of the cemetery in Italy and Egypt. 15. 3 letters - Letters from Charlie to his father. Talks about food, money he has sent home, the weather. Two letters to parents and a letter to Fred his brother. This is in response to letter 16. Talks about having his tooth pulled out 29.11.1944. Charlie then died January 1945. 17. Various photos

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GNR Charles F Dickinson No 967217

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Lynn & Hannah Lavender

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He was their Great uncle and one of nine children.

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Shared at Thornton College, Buckinghamshire on 16 September 2023.

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