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Llandaff Cathedral Bombing

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posted on 2024-06-05, 19:11 authored by Their Finest Hour Project Team

Llandaff Cathedral:
- On the 2nd January 1941, Llandaff Cathedral was bombed.
- The German parachute landmine became snagged on one of the towers and landed in the rememberance garden.
- The remains of the bomb were gathered, including parts of the parachute.
- Llandaff Cathedral was the most damaged Cathedral in the UK apart from Coventry.
- For more information see the "Llandaff Society Occasional Paper 6".

More personal story:
- Contributor's father came from several generations of soldiers, and fought as a career officer in the Golden Arrow division of the Indian Army.
- Contributor's father was a captain in the campaign against the Japanese and fought in Egypt in the 1950s. They fought with screw guns (small, light artillery). He won the military cross as Colonel John Kenyon, and was given an OBE when he retired.


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Shared at Llandaff Memorial Hall, Cardiff on 11 November 2023. Organised by The Cathedral School, Llandaff.

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