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Kingston Down Grave 59

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posted on 2021-11-10, 15:29 authored by Helena HamerowHelena Hamerow
Tumulus and grave much as the last. The bones were nearly gone; the coffin appeared to have been burnt. Here were four amethyst drops of ear-rings (or perhaps beads, as there were so many of them), of a piriform shape, as at No. 6; five beads of baked earth, as before; four slender rings, each having a sliding knot like those before mentioned and described; and a small silver ornament [M 6153]; or perhaps, it may be called an amulet. It has five protuberances or hemispheres upon the face of it, which appear to have been made by a punch, or some such instrument; and has a loop to put a string through. It was extremely thin, and very brittle. It was a little damaged in taking out; but by pasteing it on a bit of card when I got home, I brought its broken pieces into contact, and it appears as drawn on the opposite page (see the cut above). These were all found near the neck. Here was also the blade of a knife, as before; and many small and slender links of twisted iron, which appeared to be the remains of a small chain: each link was about the size of a crow's quill, about two inches long, and twisted at each end. This chain lay together in a lump, and was rusted together, like others before mentioned. It had either been wrapt in or had lain upon some coarse cloth; the threads of which, being impregnated with, and preserved, as it were, by the iron, still adhered to it. At the feet was a small urn of black coarse earth, much like that described at No. 56: it was broken in getting out by the stroke of a spade. There were, also, several nails and other bits of iron. This, certainly, was a woman's grave.


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