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Kingston Down Grave 15

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posted on 2021-11-10, 15:30 authored by Helena HamerowHelena Hamerow
Tumulus and grave much as the last. Bones pretty entire, of a young person; the teeth not all cut. On the right side of the neck (or rather on the right shoulder) was a very beautiful, round, silver fibula subnectens [M 6101], very curiously inlaid with ivory and set with garnets; and curiously wrought and gilded in the intervals; it measures full two inches diameter. Underneath the fibula were no less than nine slender silver rings, as before; some of them very small, and none of them large enough for a grown-up person; each of them had a sliding knot, as before: with these were also five yellow beads. Lower down was found a small piece of gilded brass, like the segment of a circle; it has a deep channel all the length of its back; I imagine it to be part of a bracelet. This skeleton could not exceed five feet in length. The grave was, however, full seven feet long; having been first dug for a full grown person; as appeared from an heap of bones which were placed in an heap at the feet of the child or young person who was buried afterwards; which former person had, I think, been buried in a very thick burnt coffin, the whole bottom of the grave being soiled with it from end to end, and a great deal of black dust, etc., being found in it. Here were several iron nails, some longer, some shorter.


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