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Kentish composite disc brooch

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posted on 2021-10-26, 15:06 authored by Helena HamerowHelena Hamerow
Douglas 1793, 48f.:A Circular enchased Fibula [for note see grave description] composed of a plate of gold on a ground of silver. The chain work on the third circle is more delicately executed than expressed in the drawing; as also the fillagree work between the fix projecting parts where the enchasing commences. The three intervening small circles were most probably set with an hemispheric pearl, shell or ivory [...] and now lost from the sockets. The three angular compartments between the hemispheres are set with garnets. Tthe sockets at these points of the angles described by a dark tint, being shaped like those in [the 'Kingston brooch' M 6226, Grave 205] which are of turquoise stone, appear to have contained the same. The circle which connects the hemispheric and angular setting is enchased with garnets: the small sockets between each waved line where the garnets are set, have lost their stones, and which, for the reason above stated, seem to have been turquoise. The next circle described with a dark tint sinks to the ground of the fibula, which appears to have contained a perishable setting, the same being lost, perhaps ivory or pearl. The central setting is composed of four white, and eight green stones: I do not pretend to ascertain of what nature. The garnets have, as in the enchased fibulae before described, a gold chequered foil under them to add to their colour and lustre. The acus on the reverse is silver, and was connected in the same manner as explained in [the 'Kingston brooch' M 6226, Grave 205]. The drawing the exact size [diam. 4.7cm].Said to have been found in 1771 and given to Douglas by Edward Jacob of Faversham; 'Tumulus XV'. It seems that in 1762, Jacob obtained a similar brooch from Gilton, which was published in Boys 1792 and shown in SAL MS 99/III/22 fig. 22 right. This brooch is listed with the Gilton dis-associated brooches (number 16) and may be the same as the brooch listed in Gilton grave XV. – B.B.


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Guilton Grave XV

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Ashmolean 1836 p. 129, 216 Gilton


white metal, gold, white material, garnet, inlay (Sonia Hawkes Material Notes; N/A) (Antiquarian Material; gold, silver, pearl, shell, ivory, garnets, stone, gold foil)

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Kentish brooch (Sonia Hawkes Keyword; N/A) (Antiquarian Keyword; fibula subnectens)




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