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Jussie E. Lilliot's book on the war in Portsmouth and Kintbury

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The contributor's mother wrote a book about her and her family's experiences during the war. It is called "That Summer" by Jussie E. Lilliot, a pseudonym. It contains information on VE Day and rations.

Her parents, the contributor's Grandma and Gratter, lived in Canterbury but got a job in the Portsmouth docks and moved. In 1941, Woolworths was bombed. Their grandmother survived and afterward, evacuated the whole family. They were billeted to Hungerford, West Berkshire. They stayed in temporary lodgings called Croft Hall. They then had the option to move to Kintbury and moved to a cottage owned by the gentry. One member of their family was a Bevin Boy. The family never managed to get back to Portsmouth. They were also related to the Huguenots.

The contributor's grandmother's nephew went down at 21 on the HMS Hood.


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1. Book, 'That Summer: A true story of wartime evacuation to Kintbury': 'Stars' poem, p. 10, p. 14, p. 44

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