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John Archie Morrison: Saving of Torpedoed Ship

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posted on 2024-06-05, 18:14 authored by Their Finest Hour Project Team

My father, John Archie Morrison (Archie), was 3rd Engineer on the SS Adviser in 1942 when it was torpedoed in the Indian Ocean by U 178, captained by Kapt. Hans Ibeken. U 178 torpedoed 14 ships in WW2, 13 of which sank. SS Adviser was abandoned by the crew and re boarded twice. My father dived down for 3 hours into the oily water to release the opening to the bilge pumps. The ship was finally able to reach Durban where it was repaired and returned to active service in 1943. No crew were injured and my father was awarded the MBE and never spoke of this to me.


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Photo of my father in engine room, newspaper cuttings and photos of torpedoed ship in dry dock in Durban, photo of Kapt Hans Ibeken of U boat U 178, photos of MBE and various letters of congratulations from King George VI and ship owners.

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John Archie Morrison and the crew of SS Adviser.

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Jayne West

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My father.

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Shared online via the Their Finest Hour project website.

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