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Herbert Windsor Crock was a police officer.
- He was the eldest of 7 children, born in Cardiff September 1916.
- He died in Germany aged 26, in an aircraft.
- He was a bomb aimer, and their aircraft was unexpectedly hit.
- The pilot survived but Herbert and the other two died.
- He often wrote to his mother and brothers. He was a very brave man, but still scared.
- He was planning to ask his 'sweetheart' to marry him, and even bought a ring during his leave. He never got the chance to ask her.
- The girl continued to write to Jacqueline's grandmother throughout her life
- He was known as a kind, considerate, confident and cheerful man. He is remembered fondly.
-Grandmother lost her sight for 3 weeks following his death. They had been very close, as he was her first born.
- 1942: the family were informed that he was missing. Grandmother knew that something was wrong, and wrote to the army to find out more.
- Grandmother was invited to Westminster Abbey for a commemoration service, but was only given one ticket.
- Herbert has a plaque in Saint Martin's Church in Cardiff
- He had 2 brothers in the army and 2 in the RAF


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- Letters detailing Herbert's 'missing in action' and 'missing believe killed' status - Photo of Herbert and his grave stone

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Herbert Windsor Crock

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Jacqueline Ann Ingham

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Contributor's uncle

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Shared at Llandaff Memorial Hall, Cardiff on 11 November 2023. Organised by The Cathedral School, Llandaff.

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