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Iron shield boss

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posted on 2021-10-27, 17:51 authored by Helena HamerowHelena Hamerow
Shield boss, height 9.8cm, diam. originally about 17cm. Tall boss, close to V.'s low convex cone type, with fair sized stud on top (diam. 3cm), slight carination above sloping waist, and rather wide flange, width 2.5cm. Flange very damaged. No rivets survive. Badly corroded; modern repair of yellow plaster under surviving bit of flange.Matches in size the boss M 6247, described on card as 6 1/2 inches diam., 4 in. in length. This is the only surviving boss in the collection with these proportions. But the Mayer card also attributes to Kingston gr. 2, which is wrong cf. MS Diary III, p. 8 verso which gives diff. dimensions from Mayer card. The Kingston 2 ref. looks like an attempt to match one of this surviving bosses with that figured in Inv. Sep. pl. xv, no. 17, but that figured from KD 2 is even in the Inv. Sep. drawing a lower, broader boss altogether. There is nothing figured in Inv. Sep. which corresponds at all, nor any measurements in the Diaries which correspond either. So either this boss is one of many 'conical' bosses from Kingston and Sibertswold which have no other details noted, or else it comes from elsewhere, eg. Ozingell.For Ozingell, cf. Coll. Antiq. III, pp. 1-18, pl. II.4; this is just a possibility.


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