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Iron angon with wood remains

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posted on 2021-10-27, 15:32 authored by Helena HamerowHelena Hamerow
Three joining sections of an iron angon described in original report as 42 inches long. Length now 78cm. Point now missing, but substantial section of narrow shaft remains in poor condition, and part of socket. Split socket, with much surviving wood in stable oxidised condition. The socket was decorated and reinforced as follows. On either side of the socket near top of split are 13 flat bronze inlaid bands which finish at edge of split and do not continue over surface of wooden shaft. These occupy 4.5cm. Below them the socket and shaft were bound together by iron wire wound tightly round over a lengthy of c. 6cm. This section only partly preserved and most of wire lost. Abutting this, and no doubt put on first, was an iron band (2cm wide) encircling socket entirely and thus gripping the shaft into the socket. It has a bronze band around its centre. Some way below this the shaft is broken, but X-ray shows some trace of wire binding below again. The original drawing of this angon shows it to have had two encircling bands. Another piece iron the end of a spear shaft shows just such an iron band, and it, too, has an inlaid ?bronze band showing in the X-ray, and below it 3cm of tightly wound iron wire binding. This probably is the missing end of the angon, though it does not join on. Above the band the X-ray shows some slight trace of iron wire binding suggesting that space between the two bands may have been filled with iron binding.X-rays: 289, 291, 294cf. Arch. Cant. VII, pl. xiv, long angon crossing page diagonally. For spear butts finished with inlay and wire binding cf. Dover, Finglesham, and Worthy Park.X-rays could not be located in 2006-7. – D.H.


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Sarre Grave 89

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iron, wood, copper alloy, organic (Sonia Hawkes Material Notes; iron, wood, bronze) (Antiquarian Material; iron)

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angon (Sonia Hawkes Keyword; angon) (Antiquarian Keyword; spear, pike, angon)




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