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Inlaid gold pendant

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posted on 2021-10-27, 07:20 authored by Helena HamerowHelena Hamerow
Gold and garnet pendant, max. length with loop 2.25cm. Large cabochon garnet with flat top enclosed in plain gold collar and thick gold backplate, with flat edges projecting in narrow rim around edge, which is finished off with beaded gold wire between 2 very fine beaded gold wires, one around base of collar, one on the extreme edge of rim. All apparently soldered in place. The plain collar which grips the stone is of sheet gold with lapped braised joint at top. The loop of corrugated metal, flat inside, slightly thicker, with broader corrugation in middle flanked by two narrower ones is soldered on - the inner beaded wire passes unbroken below it; the thicker middle one is interrupted for it, and the outer one also, but here a short length of beaded wire is carried over inside the loop where it is rolled over indicating that the beaded wire trimming was one of the last additions to the pendant. The back of the loop continues down onto the flat backplate and is rounded off. Loop showed only merest trace of wear. But outermost beaded wire worn nearly smooth in places. Lab results: AuAgCuBack68275Beading72235Loop72235


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Barfrestone Grave 48

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M 6619


gold, garnet, inlay (Sonia Hakes Material Notes; gold, garnet) (Antiquarian Material; gold, stone)

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inlaid pendant (Sonia Hawkes Keyword; pendant) (Antiquarian Keyword; neck ornament, pendant)




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