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Guilton Grave XIII?

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posted on 2021-11-10, 15:12 authored by Helena HamerowHelena Hamerow
Douglas 1793, 35:[Fig. 2] C. The lower mill, which stands on the level A. and to the right of which Tum. XIII, was opened [‡].[‡] At a small distance from this mill, near the sand pit, I opened a trench, and, discovering marks of a facticious earth in native sand, was fortunate enough to open a grave, with much care and order. It produced the boss of a shield, spear-head, knife, and a vessel of grey earth, in shape similar to [a vessel from Tumulus I at Chatham Lines, Kent (Douglas 1793 Pl. I.5)].Douglas 1793, 93:[...] a barrow at the extremity of Ash, opened May 6, 1783. Head of the skeleton in a South West direction; near the left breast boss of a shield, two bracers [reference to a shield grip from Tumulus I at Chatham Lines (Douglas 1793 Pl. 1.6)], one or more studs. Iron spearhead on the shoulder, nine inches and a quarter in length. On the side an iron knife, five inches in length, and at the feet [the ceramic vessel].


Grave title


Date excavated

6th May 1783


Douglas 1793

Page number

35, 93

Modern description

The above descriptions probably refer to the same grave. Douglas presumably forgot to cross-reference the later and fuller description with the earlier footnote.

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