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Guilton Grave 88

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posted on 2021-11-10, 15:12 authored by Helena HamerowHelena Hamerow
Grave as the last, and about two and a half feet deep. No signs of a coffin: bones almost gone. The head of a pilum, on the right side: a small brass buckle, with a long shank [M 6081]; it has been gilded: two small brass things [M 6082 & M 6083]; they have each of them a small ridge underneath, in which is a hole for a rivet to pass through; they are about one inch long; I imagine they have been the tongues of two iron buckles,[1] some rusty iron still adhering to one of them: the blades of two knives: the iron ferrule or spike of the pilum, as at No. 10, etc.: several long nails; so that there certainly was a coffin, though no signs of it appeared.[1]For similar examples, see fig. 7, pl. xxxvi, vol. ii, Collectanea Antiqua (found at Strood); and Nenia Britannica, pl. 15, fig. 9 (from Chatham Lines). They are not tongues of buckles; but were used attached to the girdle, or to some part of the dress, as buttons or fastenings. Mr. Mayer possesses an ornamented example, in silver, found at Colchester. - C.R.S.


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