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Guilton Grave 52

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posted on 2021-11-10, 15:13 authored by Helena HamerowHelena Hamerow
Grave as the last, and about three feet deep. Much remains of a burnt coffin: bones nearly gone: sixteen small beads of baked earth, of different colours, viz., seven red, four blue, three yellow, and two green; and one larger bead, red and white. An iron instrument, about six inches long, exactly like that described at No. 15; it had, like that, a ringle in one end. Another iron instrument, of this shape; it was about six inches long and one inch broad, and had been fixed to some wood by two rivets; it had a small iron ringle on each end, as I have endeavoured to describe them. It was rusted into a lump with some other bits of iron, and several such links as have been before described, so that I could not easily make out its shape. It was at the feet, and in the coffin; and near it (in the coffin also), I found a small urn of greenish glass [M 6064], in the shape of a bell, which I had the good fortune to get out unhurt; it is three inches and three-quarters diameter at the mouth, and three-quarters of an inch high. Doubtless a woman's grave.


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