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Guilton Grave 22

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posted on 2021-11-10, 15:13 authored by Helena HamerowHelena Hamerow
Grave as before, viz., east and west. The feet to the east, and about two and a half feet deep. No appearance of a coffin. The bones almost gone. The head of an hasta, on the right side of the head. The hemispherical umbo of a shield, as before, to which were affixed four broad, flat-headed, brass studs, plated with silver, as at No. 10: four other broad-headed iron studs, as before. A hollow iron cylinder for the handle, as at Nos. 5 and 10; and a piece of iron about five inches long and about half an inch broad. It had a hole in each end, through which, when found, it was riveted to two opposite silver-headed studs, just mentioned, quite through the rim of the umbo, shield, and all, in order, without doubt, to fasten on the umbo more strongly. I had met with one or two of these before; but as I never found one adhering to its studs till now, I could not guess at their use, especially as I never saw one in so perfect a state as this. It was from hence also manifest, as at No. 5, that the shield was about half an inch thick. A large iron buckle and the blade of a knife.


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