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Guilton Grave 19

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posted on 2021-11-10, 15:13 authored by Helena HamerowHelena Hamerow
Grave as before, but full four feet deep. The coffin appeared to have been remarkably thick, and had visibly passed the fire. The bones were almost gone. Among the remains of the skull was an acus discriminalis of brass [M 6010], nearly like that described at No. 8; and near it I found six amber beads, and one large one of green glass, striped with yellow [M 6123]: the amber beads were irregularly shaped, like those at No. 4. A little lower I found a round[1] silver fibula subnectens [M 6009], i.e., with its tongue at the under side of the plate. It is beautifully set with seven garnets: it is also neatly wrought and gilded in the intervals between the garnets. Here was also, near the hips, a lump of rusty iron near as big as one's fist, which seemed to consist merely of a great number of small iron links, as of a chain, intermixed with here and there some straight pieces of the same metal; but they were so rusted together and so very brittle, that they fell in pieces with the least endeavour to separate them.[2] The blade of a smaller knife than any before, but of much the same shape. At the feet a beautifully corded urn of green glass, which would have held, as I guess, about half a pint, but it was unfortunately broken in pieces by the stroke of a spade. This was on the outside of the coffin, as were also, and a little beyond it, a brass pan or kettle [M 6215? & M 6219?] and a brass trivet [M 6085], exactly like those described at No. 8, but smaller. Here were also found, as often before, several nail-like bits of iron. A woman's grave, no doubt.[1] Montfaucon informs us, that 'women wore these fibulas on their breast'. See his Antiquité Expliquée, translated by Humphreys, vol. v, fol. 30. [2] Other examples of these objects in a more perfect state will be observed in future parts of this volume.- C.R.S.


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11th and 12th of April, 1760


Faussett 1856

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