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Guilton Grave 10

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posted on 2021-11-10, 15:13 authored by Helena HamerowHelena Hamerow
Grave as before, and about four feet deep; coffin very visible; bones nearly gone; an hemispherical umbo, as at No. 5. Four broad-headed brass studs, one inch diameter, covered with very thin plates of silver; these were in the bottom rim of the umbo, which had by them been fixed to the shield; three other broad-headed iron studs, as before; an iron cylinder or handle, as at No. 5, and some other pieces of iron. At the right side of the head was the head of an hasta, like those already mentioned, but somewhat larger. The blades of two knives, one of them of the size and shape already described, the other of the shape described by figure [see images below], and eight inches long in the blade; a small brass buckle [M 6000]; a larger, very clumsy buckle, of a whitish metal [M 6001]. The blade of a sword [M 6195], quite straight, two feet seven inches long, exclusive of the strig, to which the hilt, which, from some of it adhering to it, appears to have been of wood, was fixed; it is two inches and a quarter broad next the hilt, and near two inches broad within a little of the point; it lay on the right side. The iron sharp-pointed end or ferrule of the hasta, with which it used to be occasionally stuck in the ground; it was about two inches long and about three-quarters of an inch diameter; had it not rotten wood in it, it was so deformed with rust that I could not have guessed at its use. It lay at the feet of the grave, and at the same side with the head, and, as near as could be, at the distance of six feet from the point of it.[1][1] See Montfaucon's Antiquité Expliquée, translated by Humphries, vol. iii, pl. l, fig.5; pl. 59, fig.8; vol.iv, pl. 4, fig. 6; pl. 9, fig. 20. The engravings referred to cannot be depended on for fidelity in details.- C.R.S.


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11th and 12th of April, 1760


Faussett 1856

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