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Group Captain John Dalley RAF Luqa, Malta

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posted on 2024-06-05, 19:51 authored by Their Finest Hour Project Team

Group Captain John Dalley was a Spitfire pilot assigned to 69 Squadron based at RAF LUQA in Malta. Their role was reconnaissance. If members of the resistance in Greece or Italy spotted German ships sheltering in coves, 69 Squadron were informed. They would then fly over the ships to make sure that the German crews saw them so that the activities of the resistance were protected. This work involved flying long distances and required high levels of skill. They often returned with empty fuel tanks. Malta was subject to bombing raids, and so sometimes the returning pilots had to land on a bombed airfield under fire. To avoid alerting the enemy, there had to be radio silence between the pilots and the base on take-off and landing.

John Dalley was later awarded the Distinguished Flying Medal and an O.B.E.


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1. Photograph of John Dalley in uniform 2. Photograph of John Dalley in flying jacket 3. Written account of John Dalley's career 4. Page from John Dalley's funeral programme showing his medals

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Group Captain John Dalley

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