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Glass bag beaker

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posted on 2021-10-26, 15:07 authored by Helena HamerowHelena Hamerow
Roach Smith 1849, 385:The glass tumbler and copper bowl, of which Mr. Fairholt will exhibit drawings, were dug up last week [in 1949], and fell immediately into the possession of Mr. Reader, of Sandwich, one of our associates. It was stated they were found, with another glass vessel which was broken, by people digging gravel, but no particulars as to their position in the ground, or whether they were alone or with other remains, could be procured. Even the precise locality could not be ascertained. From Douglas and Boys, and from discoveries made since the days of those careful observers, we are well certified that the Saxon remains from Ash, Gilton, and the neighbourhppd, have been procured from burial-places; from one of which we my be assured the tumbler and basin under consideration were procured.Glass bag-beaker (Harden Class VI, a, 5). Height 18.8cm, rim diam. 7.3cm. Glass bluish green with very many air bubbles. Rim infolded, slightly splayed, body sagging with slight expansion, to somewhat pointed base. Decorated with applied bands in this order: first a thick applied band around neck, with corrugations, carried on without corrugations, as a thick trail spiralling upwards for five turns before being cut off below rim. Finally, applied strips carried down from neck band, vertically around base and up other side, resulting in eight vertical bands, alternately plain and corrugated. Pontil lightly affixed to base after trails applied, resulting in slight spreading of last band. Rim shows only very slight amount of wear.It was said to have been found with a Coptic bronze bowl similar to one illustrated from Wingham in J. Y. Akerman, Remains of Pagan Saxondom 1855, plate X,.


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