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German POWs Craft Work & Home Guards' Mock Rifle

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posted on 2024-06-05, 17:34 authored by Their Finest Hour Project Team

Christopher brought his father, Ken Stewart's, collection of objects made by German prisoners of war in Palestine. These were made from aluminium salvaged from aircraft. The prisoners often exchanged these goods for rations. Many of those who made them were engineers. They were unable to return home but had the use of their tools. These prisoners were not shipped back until 1948.

Ken was in the Durham Light Infantry. He eventually became a sergeant and was a paratrooper. He met his wife in Egypt where she served with the ATS.

Christopher mentioned that his father told horrendous stories about the Chindits. Arabs tried to break into their camps despite being told not to. They were killed and their bodies were often found hanging.

Christopher also brought a model rifle which was one of those issued to the Home Guard. These gave the impression that the men were armed when real rifles were in short supply.


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1. Mock rifle used by the Home Guard. 2. Collection of craft items made by German POWs.

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Ken Stewart

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Christopher Stewart

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He is his father

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